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Chapter 2: Long Lost Friends

Vague memories of those who call themselves my friends, time for a re-introduction.

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I think I remember them, or at least I have seen all five of them before somewhere, but my memory is vague and couldn't figure out who they are. So I decided to ask them before coming to any conclusions.

I asked the girl in the front because she seemed to be a gentle person.
Ahm... Have we met before? What are you all...

HAVE WE MET? DO YOU REALLY NOT REMEMBER US? She said with an angry tone and charged at me with a knife.

One of the men stopped her, he looked very athletic but had an angry face.

After all these years, you have forgotten the only people who had ever cared about you, I guess we should have prepared for this from the beginning. said the other girl.

So we have met, then how did I forget them? It doesn't make much sense.

I'm really sorry, I can't get to remember you. But please let me know what is happening here...
Where are we? Who are you all? Who are those people in the cage? Why do they look like...

You are asking too many questions, shut it up or I'll show this knife down your throat
She was still angry, guess I chose the wrong person to ask the questions.

A person wearing glasses comes forward

*Sigh* it is just as she said, you are asking too many questions. Maybe I can help. One, we are not in your world anymore. It will feel a bit weird to hear, but bear with me, I'll explain why in a minute.
Two, we are your friends or shall I say 'we were' since you don't remember us...
Three, the people in the cage are hostages, and you put them in there, so you can save them

Wait... I put them in there? So that I can save them? No, that's rubbish. You think I planned all this to play hero?? The whole thing doesn't make sense anymore.

Please be patient, I haven't done explaining yet,
So where were we... hmm okay got it,
Four, they look like mannequins because they aren't relevant to what is happening here.

*sigh* hold on four eyes... you are making this even harder for him to understand said the athlete guy, and he cut off the odd chains around me.

Well first thing first, I'm Chris, the four eyes over there is Saburo, the silent one behind me is Viridian, and that innocent looking angry chick is Xenia.
And the other one is Maaria I don't really know why there's an extra 'a' in her name haha.
And we, including you, were very close friends once. In your dreams. And that's where you are now.


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