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Chapter 9: The Thin Line

Chris apologized while holding Viridian who is now unconscious.
Thank you! And… we are sorry…
*He put Viridian down gently*
We thought that this would help, leaving such a dangerous thing on earth unsupervised to a child was never a good idea. So we decided to capture and dispose it to the nearby star, But it seems that you are more than capable of handling it right now.

I-It is at least a t-thousand t-times bigger than the l-last time I saw it. I was stuttering the whole time.

A THOUSAND? You are exaggerating, right? Xenia asked nervously.

N-No, it was the s-size of a small b-bug when I s-saw it for the f-first time. I was still stuttering.

*Everyone went quiet, Xenia didn't even blink for the next few minutes!*

My hands started to turn blue, I couldn't speak or move! I felt claustrophobic in that giant dungeon!

Everyone started running towards me, but their faces were vague, it felt like looking at a bunch of mannequins, but I could hear them shouting as my sight faded away into darkness.

<<Present day>>

I woke up in my cosy flat filled with instant ramen cups and unwashed cloths all over the floor

I was feeling hungover without having any drinks!

Was it a dream? It felt so real! I can't tell the difference any more!

I looked around the messy floor

At least I am back in my home in one piece!

I spent the next few hours cleaning up my room and thinking about what happened in the last night.

All I remember is coming back from my work thinking about my past, maybe that explains the dream.

But it was too brutal for a nightmare! Did I die in it? Or was it real? Did that all already happened? Or was it me just recalling an older dream? I can't tell any more, what is reality?

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