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Be warned!

Look back, go through your old source codes, you will always laugh at yourself for your horrible spaghetti code.
So I won't be looking back, they will haunt me.

Proceed with caution!

Apps and fun!

Most of these are made with Java or JavaScript. I know other languages (C++, C#, Python, Haskell etc..)
But I haven't made any project with those yet in my GitHub account


Java, JavaFX, OpenJDK

A Java based desktop app for downloading anime in batch.

7 Segment Matrix Rain

JavaScript, p5.js, HTML

A clone of Metrix rain from the Movie replacing kathakana chars with 7 segment display
Inspired by @tomscott's video and @shiffman coding challenge #thisdot7segment and @emilyxxie guest tutorial from 2017


JavaScript, p5.js, HTML

Lissajous Figures animation with p5.js


Java, JavaFX

Watch youtube playlists and videos without the annoying distractions and ads.


JavaScript, HTML

Firefox addon that Replaces all images in every websites to kawaii images of Tokisaki Kurumi.

Dino Clone

JavaScript, p5.js, HTML

A silly buggy clone for Google chrome Dino Dash.


JavaScript, p5.js, HTML

A simple Tic Tac Toe game to play on browser.

APIs and wrappers


Java, OpenJDK

A java wrapper for MangaEden API


Java, OpenJDK

A java crawling api for fetching anime details

Source code!

All source codes are FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open-Source Software! ♥ ) and available on GitHub
You can do whatever you want with them ;)


Everything I do is free, but I will leave these here anyway

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