A bloat-less, ad-less, tracking-free, buzz-word free, website!


This is an attempt to make a fully JavaScript-free, Accessibility friendly, and bloat-less website. I have revised it many times using various CSS frameworks before. But this time, I do it without the help of other frameworks.


Internet used to be a lovely place where people could share their ideas in the public domain.
It has now become a bloated mess made by developers who are running after the latest buzz-words.
When a piece of software (which is supposed to make our life easy) is so complex that no one will ever believe you know anything about it unless you have at least a "certification" to prove so... something has gone very wrong.
But we can't blame all of it on the web developers, today's technology makes it too easy to create bloated websites and too hard to make slim ones.
Sometimes, the bloated mess also comes with freedom denying practices like preventing copy-paste, disabling right-click, and not caring about accessibility.

Sites which are supposed to be more secure than others has it much worse!
Banking and government websites has horrible 6-12 character password rules, both right-click and copy-paste are disabled, one can't use password managers to auto-fill passwords, and analytics are embedded from services who primarily live by spying on people.

I am hoping to inspire young generations to take the right path by making this website, showing that you can still make a functioning, beautiful, ethical, and light-weight website without making it the size of doom.

PS: Make sure to check the web-bloat-score of your website, you can thank me later.

Weird-But-OK Flex

The name is confusing, what does it mean?

I came up with the name Coding Otaku while searching for a name that's related to both programming and Anime. I like watching Anime just as much as I love tinkering with code.

To my surprise, No one bought "codingotaku" as a domain name, and I couldn't find anyone in social media going by that name.

Otaku is a Japanese term for people with consuming interests, In modern Japanese slang, the term otaku is mostly equivalent to "geek" or "nerd", but it is now widely used as a term to refer to people who are obsessed with Anime and Japanese culture (It's not the proper use though).

Say Hello

My real name is Rahul S. Also known as Coding Otaku on the web.
I am a Full Stack Web Developer and I adore Accessibility, Minimalism,
and the use of Vanilla programming languages in this buzzword filled era!

I write blogs and develop tools and pieces of software as a hobby.
You can contact me at contact@codingotaku.com,

I respond to most messages if I can, but I can't guarantee a reply.