About Me

CodingOtaku Logo drawn like a fat man with glasses.

Hi 👋 I'm Rahul, also known as CodingOtaku.
I am a Full Stack Web Developer and I adore Accessibility, Minimalism, and Vanilla programming languages.

You can contact me at contact@codingotaku.com
I respond to most messages if I can, but I cannot guarantee a reply.

Get my cURL card with curl -sL https://codingotaku.com/cc

About The Website

This is an attempt to make a fully JavaScript-free, Accessibility friendly, and bloat-less website. I have revised it many times using various CSS frameworks before. But this time, I do it without the help of other frameworks.
I am currently always rewriting this website, the UI might be wonky during this all the time.


Internet used to be a lovely place where people could share their ideas in the public domain.
It has now become a bloated mess made by developers who are running after the latest buzz-words for a resume driven development.

We must not blame the web developers for this, today's technology makes it too easy to create bloated websites and too hard to make slim ones.

I am hoping to inspire young generations to take the right path by making this website, showing that you can still make a functioning, beautiful, ethical, and light-weight website without making it the size of doom.

The name is confusing, what does it mean?

I came up with the name Coding Otaku while searching for a name that's related to both programming and Anime. I like watching Anime just as much as I love tinkering with code.

To my surprise, No one bought "codingotaku" as a domain name, and I couldn't find anyone in social media going by that name.

Otaku is a Japanese term for people with consuming interests, In modern Japanese slang, the term otaku is mostly equivalent to "geek" or "nerd", but it is now widely used as a term to refer to people who are obsessed with Anime and Japanese culture (It's not the proper use though).

Recent Blogs

Recent Projects

  • Arch-Post-Install

    Post-instal script for archlinux to make the system look like mine
  • My Website

    This website: made using Rust, Rocket, and Handlebars.
  • JEdenManga

    Unofficial Manga Eden API client using Java