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*The preferences are saved using cookies because this website does not use Javascript.
To clear the cookies, select Clear Cookies and click submit, this will also reset all the preferences to default.
The cookies are not used for analytics, read the privacy policy for more details.

Privacy considerations

This website does not have analytics, fingerprinting, or advertisements. All access logs are cleared every two weeks automatically.

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This website uses cookies to store the following:

The website preferences if you update it.

Ideally this can be saved in local storage using JavaScript, but this website do not use JavaScript.
The HTML specifications do not provide other ways to preserve this information in the browser.

A unique random id if you comment.

This is so that when you comment again, you can overwrite the previous details that you have entered.

No cookies will stored in any other scenario.

No cross-site or tracking cookies are used by this website.

IP Logging

This website is served via nginx, and the access logging is enabled. The fail2ban tool uses these logs to block bad request and to do rate limiting for bad bots.

I clear these logs once every two weeks and is not inspected for any other purposes other than to block bad actors.