The Tech I Use


Use Program Comments
Operating system Gentoo Dotfiles
Desktop environment SwayWM A tiling window manager and Wayland compositor.
I don't use desktop environments anymore.
Browser Librewolf In a nutshell, this is a hardened Firefox
Email Tutanota
Tutanota feels like a vendor lock-in, so I might move to something else.
Thunderbird is used for non-tutanota mails.
Code/Text editor GNU Emacs I don't live in it at the moment.
Image editors GIMP
I don't edit images much, but when I do, I use GIMP or Inkscape.
Terminal emulator Foot This one does not stink much.
API testing RESTer
I use cURL mostly, but RESTer is helpful when I'm lazy.


Use Program Comments
Operating system DivestOS Based on LineageOS, but more hardened.
Launcher T-UI I'm very spoiled by this launcher that anything else feels like a step backwards.
Browser Mull Firefox, but hardened (just like Librewolf)
Email Client K9 Mail
I use K9 for non-tutanota mails
App store F-Droid I also use Aurora Store for a couple of apps.
Terminal emulator Termux For quick server management.

Cloud Host

I cloud host some of the things that I use, and I have a long-term goal to self-host everything I use, but problems with ISP and bandwidth forces me to depend on a cloud provider for now.

Program Comments
This website Served over nginx and written in rust, partially supporting Indie Web.
PeerTube PeerTube is a federated video streaming platform that uses P2P technology.
Nextcloud The wonderful all-in-one server, it stores my documents, notes, and pictures.
It is also my go-to for video calls with strangers.

PS: All these runs on potatoes!