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The Tech I Use

The tech and things I use daily for my computation and communication



I use a ThinkPad E15 Gen 3 with AMD Ryzen 7 5700U CPU, AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 GPU, 500GB SSD, and 8GB DDR4 RAM.

Operating system

After doing a lot of distro hopping, I settled with Gentoo. I save the Dotfiles in git, feel free to copy it.

Desktop environment

SwayWM - A tiling window manager and Wayland compositor. I don't use desktop environments anymore, sway is launched directly from TTY.


Librewolf - In a nutshell, this is a hardened Firefox, I use multiple profiles and use a less hardened profile for the websites that breaks (like banks).


I use Tuta for this domain (though I prefer self-hosting it). Tuta feels like a vendor lock-in, so I might move to something else. (I use the website and not their app because the Appimage they share is not compatible with my pure wayland system). Thunderbird is used for all non-tuta mails, but I rarely open it.

Code/Text editor

GNU Emacs is my preferred text editor. Though I am tempted to, I don't live in it at the moment.

For work, I am forced to use Visual Studio Code, as I need some non-free extensions that doesn't even work with VSCodium.

Image editors

I don't edit images much, but when I do, I use either GIMP or Inkscape.

Terminal emulator

Foot, because this one does not stink much.

API testing

I use cURL mostly, but RESTer is helpful when I'm lazy.



I use a OnePlus6T as daily driver, all software I mentioned below runs in it.

I also own a Nokia n900 and a Pinephone (developer edition), both are bricked at the moment.

Operating system

DivestOS - This is based on LineageOS, but more hardened, it's also possible to lock the bootloader for some devices with it. I use it on my OnePlus 6T.

I also run postmarketOS on my Nokia n900 and Pinephone.


T-UI - A launcher that gives a terminal like feel, I'm very spoiled by this launcher that anything else feels like a step backwards.


I use Mull as preferred mobile browser, it is a Firefox clone, but hardened (just like Librewolf).

Email Client

Just like on desktop, I use Tuta on mobile, I also use K9 Mail for non-tuta mails.

App store

I use F-Droid for all my apps, I also use Aurora Store for a couple of banking apps.

Terminal emulator

Why a terminal in mobile you ask? I use Termux for quick server management. It is also possible to use it as a launcher, but I am going to stick with T-UI for that.

Cloud Host

I cloud host some of the things that I use, and I have a long-term goal to self-host everything I use, but problems with ISPs and bandwidth forces me to depend on a cloud provider for now.

This website

My website is served over nginx and written in rust, partially supporting Indie Web.


I host some videos in my PeerTube instance, it is a federated video streaming platform that uses P2P technology.

Video calls

After Jitsi Meet added mandatory authentication to reduce DDoS attacks, I started hosting it on my VPS, it is a very handy and simple video conferencing tool. My instance also needs login, but at the moment only I can login, everyone else will be treated as a guest (not linking my instance to avoid DDoS)

Cloud Storage

Another thing I host is a Nextcloud instance, for me, it is a wonderful all-in-one server, it stores my documents, notes, and pictures.

PS: All these runs on potatoes!