Looking for feeds?

I provide Atom and JSON feeds for blogs and projects. It is also possible to subscribe to tags! Read more to find out how to do that.

The feed links are present in the page header so you can just point your feed reader to those pages to subscribe. The home page also has the feed links to those pages in the header.

If you would like to copy the links, please find them here.
Page Atom feed JSON feed
blogs https://codingotaku.com/blogs/atom.xml https://codingotaku.com/blogs/feed.json
projects https://codingotaku.com/projects/atom.xml https://codingotaku.com/projects/feed.json

I have dedicated (and hidden) pages for both blog tags and project tags. To subscribe to them, just click on the tag you want and point your feed reader there.
The tag feeds follow the structure https://codingotaku.com/blogs/tags/<TAG_NAME>/atom.xml, and https://codingotaku.com/projects/tags/<TAG_NAME>/feed.json.

At the moment, you won't be able to subscribe to the same tag on both blog and project using the same feed, I may not add this feature at all as I don't see why anyone would want this.