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I provide Atom and JSON feeds for blogs and projects. It is also possible subscribe to tags! Read more to find how to do that.

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First, if you do not know how to set up feeds, visit About Feeds to learn more and get started.

The feed links are present in each page header, it is invisible to your eyes but the feed reader can pick them up. So, you can just add the page URL to your feed reader to subscribe, or just point it to the home page to get the list of all top-level feeds.

I provide Atom and JSON feeds for blogs and projects.

Stories feed might feel a bit special, it is usually not what you want to subscribe to. To get the latest chapters for a story, you will need to subscribe to that individual story.

I have dedicated pages for all the tags (blog tags, story tags, and project tags). To subscribe to a tag, just click on the tag you want, and point your feed reader there.