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Chapter 8: The Vessel

My head is getting filled with old memories, and it hurts my brain, I remember things that I had forgotten long ago, the world I know right now is being replaced with my memories! Who am I? I am confused. All I know is that the thing right in front of me is a danger to the world! I have to stop it, but I don't know how…

Get back, you idiot! We have to escape. Xenia shouted.

Viridian stood still, he was unable to move. Is he afraid? Or is he trying to be its vessel?

A vessel? Why did I think of that? Yes, I remember now, I remember that thing entering my head when I was a kid! It was smaller than a caterpillar at that time, how did it become so big? Is it a parasite? Or is it a virus?


I think I know what to do, I should do the same thing that Viridian is planning, it needs a vessel. Or it will go on a rampage!

Vi-Beam moved towards Viridian, it is slow, but you can feel the frightening aura even from a 1000-meter away!

Viridian charged towards the Vi-Beam, When he was about to touch it, Chris jumped in and pushed Viridian away, making him the target for the Vi-Beam. Then his scream rent the air, It hurts I am going to explode! his pale skin turned red, then to purple, it was a hideous sight that no one would dare to describe.

I can stop it, I just have to do what I did when I was a kid, let it flow into me. I moved towards Chris, pressed my hand on his shoulder. I don't know if this will work, but this is the best I can do I told him whilst my legs shivering from fear.

He stopped screaming, the Vi-Beam started flowing into me. It was a familiar feeling that I had when I was a kid. It hurts, but I feel home. I was meant to be its vessel.

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