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Utopia in My Dreams - Publishing

Cover Image by @TicciTobyFan434

Beware what you fantasize about! Dream world meddling with the reality.

#Action #Adventure #Fantacy

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  • Chapter 9: The Thin Line

    Published on .

    Confused between reality and dreams, when will all this end?

  • Chapter 8: The Vessel

    Published on .

    Maybe it is time to give myself up, just like last time, it's better this way.

  • Chapter 7: The Weight

    Published on .

    It's like something out of a sci-fi film, everything is going wrong and nothing makes sense.

  • Chapter 6: Vi-Beam?

    Published on .

    Everyone is terrified, are we kidnapped? What do they want? How can we escape?

  • Chapter 5: Jasmine

    Published on .

    The school days 15 years ago were normal and uneventful, until that day.

  • Chapter 3: Fantacy is Cruel

    Published on .

    You are living in dreams, the dreams of others, but everything in the dream is real.

  • Chapter 2: Long Lost Friends

    Published on .

    Vague memories of those who call themselves my friends, time for a re-introduction.

  • Chapter 1: Foggy memories

    Published on .

    It seems I have been here before, but somehow my memory is blurry.