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This is a collection of scripts for fuzzel.


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This is a collection of scripts for fuzzel.


If you are using gentoo, you can find this package in my cowaybuilds ebuild repository as app-misc/fuzzel-scripts package. For generic linux installation, do the following.

0. Clone this repository

git clone

1. Install the dependencies

Go through the contents, install the dependencies for the scripts you want to use.

2. Copy the scripts you want to the bin folder

cd fuzzel-scripts
sudo cp get-chars /usr/bin/get-chars
sudo cp launch-from-dir /usr/bin/launch-from-dir
sudo cp file-context-menu /usr/bin/file-context-menu

# Optional, Copy the man pages
sudo cp get-chars.1 /usr/share/man/man1/get-chars.1
sudo cp launch-from-dir.1 /usr/share/man/man1/launch-from-dir.1
sudo cp file-context-menu.1 /usr/share/man/man1/file-context-menu.1

3. You probably want to bind each script to a key (keyboad sortcuts)

# this works on sway or i3wm, for anything else, read the documentation for other Window manager or Desktop environment
bindsym $mod+y exec get-chars --type
bindsym $mod+g exec launch-from-dir -p $HOME/Games
bindsym $mod+Shift+D exec 'launch-from-dir -p $HOME/scripts -l -t popup'
file-context-menu is special, it needs a dynamic file path as argument to make sense of using this. For example, you can bind it to the execute command in the swayimg config like I do.


A simple tool that will type or print letters from specified positions of text in the clipboard, this is useful when websites use partial passwords for login. This depends on fuzzel, wtype, and wl-clipboard.
Helpful tool to launch programs stored in immediate subdirectories, I use this to launch games saved in my $HOME/Games directory.
This depends on fuzzel, and libnotify.
A script to show context menu for a given file path, currently supports copy path, copy file, and open file.
This depends on fuzzel, and gio (part of glib).

Also checkout

fuzzmoji a shameless fork of rofmoji that uses fuzzel instead of rofi to insert emoji to any focused window.

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