Post-instal script for archlinux to make the system look like mine

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A Post-install script for base Arch Linux installation to use with my dotfiles.

To install, run the following command in a terminal of your archlinux system.

curl -Lks | /bin/bash

What does this install?

The script installs and configures the following

  • alacritty - A cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
  • bat - Cat clone with syntax highlighting and git integration
  • brightnessctl - Lightweight brightness control tool
  • dracula-gtk-theme - Dark theme for GTK
  • dragon-drop - Simple drag-and-drop source/sink for X or Wayland
  • espeak-ng - Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer
  • imv - Image viewer for Wayland and X11
  • iwd - Internet Wireless Daemon
  • librewolf-bin - Community-maintained fork of Firefox, focused on privacy, security and freedom.
  • ly - TUI display manager
  • mpv - a free, open source, and cross-platform media player
  • neovim - Fork of Vim aiming to improve user experience, plugins, and GUIs
  • pamixer - Pulseaudio command-line mixer like amixer
  • pavucontrol - PulseAudio Volume Control
  • pipewire-pulse - Low-latency audio/video router and processor - PulseAudio replacement
  • playerctl - mpris media player controller and lib for spotify, vlc, audacious, bmp, xmms2, and others.
  • ranger - Simple, vim-like file manager
  • slurp - Select a region in a Wayland compositor
  • swappy - A Wayland native snapshot editing tool
  • sway - Tiling Wayland compositor and replacement for the i3 window manager
  • swaybg - Wallpaper tool for Wayland compositors
  • swayidle - Idle management daemon for Wayland
  • swaylock - Screen locker for Wayland
  • ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols - High number of extra glyphs from popular 'iconic fonts' (2048-em)
  • wl-clipboard - Command-line copy/paste utilities for Wayland
  • wob - A lightweight overlay volume/backlight/progress/anything bar for Wayland
  • wofi - launcher for wlroots-based wayland compositors
  • yay - Yet another yogurt. Pacman wrapper and AUR helper written in go.
  • zathura - Minimalistic document viewer
  • zathura-pdf-mupdf - PDF support for Zathura (MuPDF backend) (Supports PDF, ePub, and OpenXPS)
For more information, checkout my dotfiles repository.

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