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School Screenplay: The Test


published this page on , and was last updated on .

Scene 1

Wide view of a classroom with almost 40 students.

Students talking to each other while sitting, handing things over.

Tutor is sitting at the back of the classroom on a chair.

The tutor gets up and hands over a pile of papers to all students.

Students in disbelief - Absolute silence.

Scene 2

Students filling up the sheet.

Focus on Student A at the middle of middle right desk.

The student sighs.

Scene 3

Focus on the paper he is looking at.

The question is a conversation, asking you to fill in replies for person B.

Student A goes through all papers, all are asking to fill in replies.

Half of the students has same papers as him.

Student picks up first paper again.

The fields are already filled with sloppy and wrong answers (just Hi, Hello, how are you etc.) in light blue smudgy ink.

Student A gets up, goes to the back and shows it to the tutor and friends.

Scene 4

Student A is back on his desk.

Other students have a set of tasks to do in paper.

Some students aligning erasers on top of each other.

Some re-arranging pens according to their color.

Some cleaning up desk.

Some got up on their desks and stands on all fours.

Other students are also doing some random things.

Scene 5

A cute girl opens the class door and enters.

"Sorry, I was late"

The Classroom goes to pin drop silence.

It doesn't look like I missed anything she smiles gently.

Heavy atmosphere

Student A Looks behind

Student B has her face too close to Student A, and she is staring at him.

Student B smirks

She pulls up a knife from behind her skirt.

Scene 6

All students who were doing tasks has knife on their hands.

Student B leans forward to stab Student A.

Students screaming

All students with knife start to stab the rest of the students.

The cute girl at the front smiles even more.


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