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Open Brain Internet Thingy

Yeah, I couldn't find a name for it. This is a thought experiment about a centralized knowledge sharing system that will likely go wrong when it is created.

Assume that a new version of internet is created. Where everyone has their mind connected to each other for information sharing.
It does not share your personal information or anything that can even remotely identify you, but it shares knowledge on the things that has been made before.

Imagine not having to learn things that has already been done! Your mind is already connected to an open internet of human brains which already has the information you seek.

You can just download the information directly to your brain and use it like you have already learned it!

Now you can focus your attention on new innovations, but kids still has to go to school for learning how to use the knowledge the right way!

But I received question from
How are you sure it's open? It could be a totalitarian's dream to have everyone's mind combined, recorded, analyzed, manipulated, controlled.

It is a bit of stretch, the only way to keep it open is to make sure that it is maintained by a community, and also making sure that whatever they do during maintenance is also part of the knowledge that's being shared. Maybe we can make sure that no political or proprietary information is available... (only science and logic is shared). Any who, I was just talking about downloading the information not analyzing, manipulating or controlling users... I need to work on my communication skills.

I did not give much thought about the technical and moral stuff! But any suggestions are welcome to make this fantasy-open-brain-network-thingy more open!

When the Internet was first to come out, there were the same expectations, but obviously it doesn't come out the way as we expected.

True, internet and IOT (trust me, IOT were on paper with good intentions) are not what they are supposed to be, but I don't think that the problem was with just the internet or the people who used it for gathering personal information.

Things went south because of lack of knowledge and ignorance of educated folks.

We could learn from their mistakes and TRY to create something better, or keep whining about what we have without contributing anything to it.

What could be the future? It is what we decide. It doesn't matter whether the technology is created by a massive corporation or a nonprofit organization, the only thing matter is what you do with the technology and the intentions behind it.

So if we have somehow created the Open-Brain-Internet-Thingy (I should have thought of a name) It is guaranteed to be misused, and made profit with. No exceptions, it WILL happen.

If GPL violations come to an end, we can release this technology and it's complete source code under a valid GPL License!

How do we prevent it? How do we know that the *holds my breath* Open-Brain-Internet-Thingy is not used to control what we think? The intention was to create a way for our humanity to advance by eliminating redundant work. But it is now forked and cloned by multiple massive corporations with service fees and targeted advertisements but with benefits of having more accurate data! What will you choose? What is wrong with us as humanity to make a profit out of learning? To add 80 different layers DRM to knowledge that should be publicly available?

Basically, the following will be the welcome page of the evil service that cloned our wonderful Open-Brain-Internet-Thingy.

Welcome to OpenClosed-Brain-Internet-Thingy, please choose a plan you would like to proceed with!

  1. Premium plan: You have the benefit of having up to date knowledge with less hoax and more truth! You can choose what you want to learn and how much you could learn. — Costs $1000 per month.
  2. Tire 2 plan : This is the most popular plan, you can choose what to learn, but data might have some misinformation as it is mostly added by community, the topics that you learned might be tracked for targeted advertisements which will be transmitted to you while you learn new topics! — Costs $200 per month.
  3. Free plan : You can choose up to three topics per month, the data is not validated and could contain potentially inappropriate content that could mislead you. Everything you do with the service is tracked and you will have to read at least one advertisement before learning a new chapter! Don't worry, you can change your plan at any point of time.

Please accept the Terms of service and Privacy Policy before continuing.

Would you like to continue learning?

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