Rahul S

Full-stack Web Developer

JavaScript 95%
Java 95%
HTML5 75%
CSS3 72%
Node.js 69%
Vue.js/Vuetify 78%
Python 61%
Typescript 65%
Sass 59%
C# 50%



Badge for passing HP Digital Knowledge Check.

Making it Happen

For Enhancing usability and migrating old dashboard to new technology with accurate data presence.
HP Recognition


Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer.

Spot Award

Recognized by Samsung for Excellent Contribution and dedication on high priority project.
Samsung Spot Award.



2011 – 2014
Diploma in Information Technology
First Class with Distinction

The Open University (OU) - UK

2020 – Current
MSc in Computing
I'm a web de­vel­oper with an in­ter­est in FOSS, stan­dards, se­man­tics, and good user ex­pe­ri­ences. I'm cur­rently ex­plor­ing minimalism in my work.

 Work Experience
Software Engineer II | 11/2017 – Present

Hewlett Packard Inc. Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Main developer and designer for multiple real time user-friendly metrics dashboard intended for global audience in organization.
  • Main developer of a team to create an enhanced quality analysis board for build and bug tracking for global use.
  • Redesigned and drastically simplified an overly complex and outdated user interface using Vuetify, Node.Js, and Typescript.
  • Developed micro-services that provided useful details from multiple databases with complex structures with minimum latency from server side using Python, C#, LINQ, and Node.Js.
  • Developed several apps with JavaFx and Printer SDKs

Software Engineer | 03/2014 – 11/2017

Samsung R&D institute PVT. LTD., Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Part of Automation testing team for several products.
  • Part of a relatively young Android based printer API test team and test framework development.
    Maintained framework that led up to 97% code coverage and accelerated API development using Java, Android APIs, JUnit, Custom Printer SDK.
  • Part of a legacy Java based printer API test team and test framework development.
    Maintained framework that led up to 87% code coverage and reduced customer complaints using Java, JUnit, Spring, Custom Printer SDK.
  • Part of development that created backbone of automation tool for a famous mobile voice assistant for quality check using java and robot framework using Java, Android APIs, Robot Framework.
  • Part of manual testing team that ensured quality of battery for Samsung A4,A5, and A7 Devices during their initial build using Power Measurement tools, spreadsheet.

 Hobby Projects
Project Source Description
codingotaku.com GitHub A javascript-free personal website with Bulma css framework.
blog.codingotaku.com GitHub Blog using VanillaJS and bulma css framework.
flib GitHub A work in progress website as a Free (as in freedom) alternative to Wattpad written with Vue.Js and Buefy
codingotaku.com/desktop GitHub A website that looks and works almost like a desktop, uses dependency-free framework made in VanillaJS!
exeami.com GitHub Another website I helped develop that looks and works like a desktop, made in VanillaJS!
Project Source Description
AnimeCrawlerAPI GitHub A java based hackable Anime crawler API with multiple server support.
JEdenManga GitHub An unofficial MangaEden API client wrapper with java.
flib-api GitHub A work in progress backend for flib-ui written in NodeJs, ExpressJs, and MySQL
Desktop Apps
Project Source Description
Animu-Downloaderu GitHub A JavaFX based desktop app to download anime in batch from multiple websites.
Manga Viewer GitHub A java based desktop app to read manga.