These are notes, opinions, and link aggregations of things happening around the world, most of them are about good and bad practices in the tech world, or sometimes about politics.
If I am linking to an article or news, I'll also try to link to an archived version of it to avoid dead links. For things that I have done more research on, see my blogs.

: Cancel Culture Societies have punished people for behaving outside perceived social norms for centuries, I can understand that.

But even with a great tool known as the internet where anyone can voice their opinion, do their research, and understand what is right and wrong, misinformation is spreading so fast.
Most of it is coming from trolls and haters and is easy to distinguish.

A recent example is a person who is misquoted and misinterpreted by a toxic mob. Instead of linking to the campaign of hatred, I'll just link to a place where the accusations are debunked. (archived link)
: Google FLoC It is ridiculous for web servers to essentially have to ask "please do not violate the privacy of the people who are viewing this site" with every request.
In the past browsers were trying to protect their users against websites that were attacking them. Today, websites need to protect their visitors against their browser that is tracking them. Get rid of Google FLoC (archived link)

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