These are notes, opinions, and link aggregations of things happening around the world, most of them are about good and bad practices in the tech world, or sometimes about politics.
If I am linking to an article or news, I'll also try to link to an archived version of it to avoid dead links. For things that I have done more research on, see my blogs.

: Boycotting and Cancelling

Please stop boycotting/cancelling people and organizations just because they did a few things you did not like.

Instead, reach out to them and convey your messages and opinions. It could make a difference.

Scaring others to mold them to your liking is a bad culture, we know better than that.

If we want a better world to live in, we need to stop hating.

: Rewriting bloated websites made with templates Today was a nice day, it is not common to see someone spending their time to make a good website without using constraining templates.
But this reddit post made my day, there is hope!
: Microsoft being Microsoft “We <3 Open source”, now let us Remove the Developer name from Licence and hope that no one notices it. Hacker News Reference.
Edit:Microsoft updated the all affected licences today, with a formal apology, the same link above contains more details.
: Account deletion

A few years ago, I created a Yandex account to include my website in search engines.
For the past few months I have been trying to delete that account. I did not provide them any details other than my website address.
The mail address I used for communication was also from the same account.

Here is the problem, they have a set of “Security questions”, if I forget the security question and wants to change it, I have to somehow remember and enter the answer for that same security question even if I am logged in. When I contacted their customer care, they asked to send my photo and a valid ID proof. How will they even know if it's me or not?

I declined their request and mailed them to fix their bad business models and to update their UX so that I can change my security questions.
A minute or two after sending that e-mail, I remembered all the quirky and cringy answers I gave for their security questions while feeling proud for myself…
— goodbye Yandex.

: Relying on Technology

It came to my notice that the community today mindlessly rely on technology, even when it is not required.
For example, take delivery, the basic requirement for a delivery person is to know the town like the back of their hand. This is so that delivery will be done hassle-free.

Whenever I order something from a small store, they usually call me to confirm the address, I think it is fine. But nowadays, I receive a call to send them my location (or live location) to a proprietary messaging app.
Even if I told them the exact location and the way to reach me, they will insist on me to send a map with a point in it. But the map we have here is outdated and does not have the latest road names!

They will call me after reaching near the place anyway, but instead of reading the road signs, they want me to update the location for them 🤦.

: Chat Control When I talk about privacy, I always point to EU and GDPR. Because, the GDPR is one of the best we have to protect digital privacy.
But the recent EU legislation to monitor chats and emails ( archived) is just absurd!

Dear politicians, If one wants to commit crime, they will not rely on popular Internet platforms to share information. All you will catch are petty criminals who do not know what they are doing while the bigger sharks are out roaming in the wild.
Do we really nead to pull another NSA who couldn't stop anything? ( archived)
: Cancel Culture Societies have punished people for behaving outside perceived social norms for centuries, I can understand that.

But even with a great tool known as the internet where anyone can voice their opinion, do their research, and understand what is right and wrong, misinformation is spreading so fast.
Most of it is coming from trolls and haters and is easy to distinguish.

A recent example is a person who is misquoted and misinterpreted by a toxic mob. Instead of linking to the campaign of hatred, I'll just link to a place where the accusations are debunked. ( archived)
: Google FLoC It is ridiculous for web servers to essentially have to ask "please do not violate the privacy of the people who are viewing this site" with every request.
In the past browsers were trying to protect their users against websites that were attacking them. Today, websites need to protect their visitors against their browser that is tracking them. Get rid of Google FLoC ( archived)