Why Do I Not Use Analytics?

Not for the reason you are thinking of.

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This website does not have analytics. Yes, they are hosted using GitHub pages (at the time of writing) and it captures vague traffic details for insights, but I am not talking about that. I don't check those anyway... Now the blogs are completly self-hosted and does not capture those traffic details.

My reason to not use analytics was not for technical or moral reasons. There are analytics available right now that captures details in truly anonymous way and I chose to not use those either.

  • If I had few readers, it would discourage me and I would find it difficult to continue writing.
  • If some of my posts gets more attention, I will probably start writing things similar to those posts.
  • If I had many readers who spend time on my blogs then I would potentially think that I am some kind of celebrity who is followed by many, which I am obviously not.

There are other moral reasons for me to include them, but the above list came up first to me and the choice was obvious.

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